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Join Dr. Eckel in this fun and sometimes disturbing exploration of the state of healthcare and what it means for you. Find out health hacks and how to live until 150 years old with a strong mind and healthy community.​

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Recent Episodes

Healing from Lyme Disease with Tom Moorcraft

During this episode, Dr. Eckel and Dr. Tom discuss the upcoming Healing From Lyme Disease Summit. Do you know what it really takes to fully heal from Lyme Disease? Dr. Tom will let you in on a few secrets he has discovered along his journey of healing from Lyme Disease....
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What is Scalar Light with Tom Paladino

During this episode, Dr. Eckel and Tom explore the benefits of the new and emerging technology of Scalar Light and how it can support longevity & vitality. There have been more and more recent studies showing how Scalar Energy can negate the molecular bonds of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria...
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Environmental Toxicants with Wendie Trubow

Dr. Eckel and Wendie dive into what will be featured in her upcomming and why you should mark you calendar for this event. Interested in registering? You can find the summit here: This summit features 50+ experts in the space of mold toxicity, heavy metals, and chronic diseases. And...
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The Brain-Body Connection with Dr. Peter Kan

He and Dr. Greg dive into Dr. Kan's upcomming summit, The Neuro-Metabolic Summit. At The Neuro-Metabolic Summit you will: +Learn to improve fuel delivery & metabolism to improve brain function +Understand how brain dysfunction can drive up system-wide inflammation +Discover the top root causes of neuro-metabolic dysfunction & how to...
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Boost Your Energy with Dr. Mike Van Thielen

In this episode, Dr. Eckel and Dr. Thielen discuss how our the modern era digital lifestyles attack our dopamine centers which leads to decreased focus, attention, and sense of peace. How does this impact our ability to remain anxiety free and clear on our life purpose? There are so many...
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Nootopia with Mark (Mr. Noots) Effinger

Mark knew he needed to try to eliminate the possibility of someone dying off a prescription overdose, so he began to discover an alternative solution. Mark is now Nootopia's Chief Product Officer, where the BiOptimizers/Nootopia teams have continued to solve human condition issues and strive to address it most effectively...
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