Pamela La Luz

Pamela La Luz

Sound Bowl Therapist


Pamela La Luz, also known as the Alchemist of Sound, is a Master Crystal Singing Bowl Artist with over 14+ years of experience. She uses the power of sound and travels the globe to help individuals tune into their bodies and unlock their inner genius.

As a sound specialist, Pamela masterfully composes lush vibrational soundtracks with an exquisite palette of crystal singing bowls and other musical instrumentation, that assist individuals in raising their energetic frequency, while releasing what no longer serves their highest potential so they can become a magnetic match to their heart’s passion.

Her innovative approach also integrates the power of light and stem cell activation technology to elevate consciousness and support optimal results in regenerative healing.

On the forefront of sound therapy, phototherapy, and stem cell activation, Pamela is able to provide her patients with a truly transformative experience helping individuals align with their highest health, harmony and human potential.