Lindsay Wojciechowski

Lindsay Wojciechowski



In 2004, Lindsay began her medical training in emergency department nursing at Duke University. She went on to earn her MSN in nursing from Duke in 2006 and practiced conventional medicine for seven years. During that time, she saw both the benefits and challenges of the conventional medical system. While it helped some people, it fell short for others. As Lindsay gained more experience, she became interested in patient education and empowerment, which led her to work as a clinical instructor at Duke’s School of Nursing and later at Duke University.

As she gained clinical experience, Lindsay also became a patient on multiple occasions, which emphasized her own need for a more comprehensive medical model and the importance of being a compassionate provider. After relocating to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2014, she spent two years in gastroenterology before moving to a comprehensive family practice. Lindsay earned a fellowship in integrative medicine (AIHM) and is trained in functional medicine.

In 2021, she finally moved back home to Utah with her two active boys and is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to her patients. Lindsay strives to meet patients where they are and offer a mix of integrative, functional, and conventional methods to help them become their healthiest selves. She focuses on autoimmunity, longevity, hormones, gut health, and complex medical cases.  She incorporates the mind-body connection, nutrition, genetics, and helping one determine the root cause of their illness. At the Energy4Life Centers, she has the ability to incorporate brain frequency, ketamine therapy, exosomes & stem cells, IVs, ozone, and hyperbaric to her treatment plans.