Kitty Stoneburner

Kitty Stoneburner



Kitty Stoneburner is an international business success, angel investor, and founder of many holistic/wellness brands. As a leader in the bioenergenics field, she’s created innovation in the health and wellness space with her unique perspective in business coupled with being a Certified Homeopath, Energy and Sound Healer for the last 25 years.

She started life as a small town girl in Ohio and in college pursued an international business program where she lived and worked in France and Japan before working on Wall Street for Salomon Brothers.

Yet as professionally successful as Kitty became in her early career, she paid the price with her health and wellbeing. She returned to the United States with Chronic Fatigue and multiple mysterious illnesses.

Her “dis-ease” began a new journey for Kitty. After working with many elite medical hospitals in the nation, her ailments only worsened with the medications and interventions they prescribed. She knew she didn’t want to become a professional patient and began to look for solutions beyond traditional healthcare.

Finally, it was a homeopath that was able to help her activate her body’s own healing through many different modalities. That is how Kitty discovered the holistic system of medicine and all the benefits it can offer. Her life is proof of the power of stimulating the body’s healing response with bioenergetics, nutrition, oxygen therapies, mindfulness and sound.

After experiencing her own healing with natural modalities versus the traditional sick-care treatments that had just gotten her sicker, she knew she found a better way to address illness to activate health and wellbeing.

Helping people stimulate their own healing became her life’s mission. She went back to school and became a Certified Homeopath and continued to learn many complementary healing modalities that helped her children and those she loved. She began to treat those in her community and eventually people around the world who were in the state of “dis-ease” and looking for better answers.

With Dr Eckel, she has found an incredible life partner that shares her passion for helping others activate their bodies’ healing response. They balance their life’s work with travel, enjoying the outdoors and all nature has to offer.