Dr. Grayson Dart DO, IFMCP Standing Holding His Jacket

Dr. Grayson Dart



Dr. Grayson Dart is a board-certified physician and family man. During his medical training he became very sick and was determined to cure himself. What unfolded was a beautiful journey of self healing and discovery. His mission is to now share his years of research and experience with others so they can experience the same thing. 

Dr. Dart has a B.S. from the University of Utah in Exercise Physiology, a medical degree from Midwestern University and completed medical training in Family Medicine at Kingman Regional Medical Center. He is also one of the few Functional Medicine Providers Certified by the IFM in the state of Utah. 

He is a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal, especially when it is given the right information. His approach utilizes cutting edge modalities that support and enhance the functions of the body. Dr. Dart is committed to providing the best methods and treatments for his patients so they can experience optimal health and wellness.