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The Three Secrets You Need to Know About Parkinson's.


First, it is essential you must get the right testing to see what options you really have in your specific situation. This must be comprehensive to include many areas that may not be typical such as heavy metal, hormone, or mind-body testing.


Using cutting-edge therapies, such as brain frequency, bio-information, electro-acupuncture, light and sound therapy, and peptides, we activate the body’s ability to regenerate, repair, and reverse damages such as inflammation. This inflammation can significantly impact both your brain and gut, contributing to increased Parkinson’s symptoms.


Each person is unique and you need a program specifically designed with your body’s energy in mind with therapies and practices to address you – and no one else.

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The Three Secrets You Need To Know About Parkinson's

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My walk had gotten so bad, it was difficult for me to walk from one room to another. This morning I walked on treadmill for 20 minutes with no problem.


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Greg Eckel

About Dr. Eckel

Dr. Eckel’s personal experience with his wife’s Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease led him on a deep dive into regenerative medicine. Through this, he developed a brain regenerative program and a nasal spray that specifically targets neuroinflammation in the brain. He utilizes sound and laser technology, regenerative medicine, mind-body techniques, and other procedures to correct the body’s control systems and protect the body’s energy. He believes the future of medicine lies in frequency, and he’s leading the way in bringing bioenergetics mainstream.



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